St. Pawtrick's Day Treats

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LIMITED EDITION St. Pawtrick's Day Treats. 

Available in all Doggo's Delite classic flavours. 

Delicious wholesome treats baked to pawfection!

Made using only natural, high quality ingredients, no artificial additives, flavour or preservatives. 

Treats Ingredients 
Wild Atlantic Bites Oats, dried powdered arctic fish, egg, cold press salmon oil, water.

Made in Galway, Ireland.

Each bag contains 150g of treats.

All treats are taste tested by our in house doggo, Mickalino.

Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place. 

Always have clean fresh drinking water available for your dog.

Please note this is a complimentary dog food and should not replace your dogs regular diet. If you have any concerns about your dogs dietary needs please contact a veterinary professional.